Birdman of cash money

Birdman of Cash Money Dissed By Rick Ross on Idols Become Rivals

Birdman of Cash Money dissed by Rick Ross
Although Birdman of Cash money has since responded to Rick Ross’s recent diss track, “Idols Become Rivals,” which is really more of a multi-layered anthem detailing how Birdman did DJ Khaled wrong and changed how Ross viewed him forever saying that he only cares about numbers and not rap beef, one can only help but wonder if Birdman will end up getting more involved. After all, at this point, this is his reputation, not his bank account, that is coming under rapid fire.

Birdman seems to owe a lot of people, according to court records, Williams’ lawyers said Williams was not properly served the complaint from jack-of-all-trades Javier Nuno.

According to the motion, the process server handed the paperwork to a security guard at Williams’ $15 million mansion on Palm Island.

Lil Wayne Speaks On Birdman

“If you think that I am stressin’ or lettin’ this sh-t, get to me, please remember,” he continued, “there’s too much good p—y and too many great motherf–kin’ loyal fans to worry about bullsh-t a– Birdman.”

Right on cue, the New Orleans rapper then launched into his hit “No Worries.”

Wayne’s fiery comments come after Rick Ross aired out Birdman of cash money for related reasons on “Idols Become Rivals” off his ninth album Rather You Than Me. 

Birdman Diss, Rick Ross Speaks On Why He Made The Song

In the aftermath of the diss, Ross posted a picture of Wayne to Instagram explaining why he released the record. “The Level of respect and Love that I have for WAYNE makes it hard to sit back and not speak on the situation,” Rick Ross says in his IG post. “The streets need you.Being a Boss means having the courage to say the things everybody thinking but scared to say.I can’t wait for you to hear it.Midnight. #idolsbecomerivals.” see everything here

Ross quoted below on Hot 107.9 about Birdman dislike

“I just felt like it was time for somebody to let homie know that ain’t gangsta, and you know, you won’t be respected no longer… it’s a clean your face (check yourself) record, if you think you just taking something from somebody… I ain’t got no respect for him.”