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Black Panther Facts You Never Thought About

    Black Panther Militia birthed in Oakland There are a few strong correlations between the movie Black Panther and the actual revolutionary socialist and black empowerment-focused Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, which was founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton (pictured above) in October 1966. First… Huey P Newton started the Black Panther movement in Oakland California in October 1966…

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offset cardi b pregnant

Offset Denies Cardi B Pregnant, NBA All-Star

Cardi B has been a hot topic in recent news with rumors of her being pregnant. The rumor was started by a member of Cardi B’s team which told TMZ the recent star was pregnant with a child for newly wed husband Off-Set from Migos. Cardi and her team expect to finish a new project and launch before the end…

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Black Panther critic reviews

Black Panther critic reviews and plots

Black Panther critic reviews by racist in a Facebook group plotted to destroy the review rating of Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes earlier this month. The attempt went unsuccessful and the movie now has the best Rotten Tomatoes score of a action superhero movie and this totally includes all of Marvel and DC. Black Panther reviews currently have the film…

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Birdman of cash money

Birdman of Cash Money Dissed By Rick Ross on Idols Become Rivals

Birdman of Cash Money dissed by Rick Ross Although Birdman of Cash money has since responded to Rick Ross’s recent diss track, “Idols Become Rivals,” which is really more of a multi-layered anthem detailing how Birdman did DJ Khaled wrong and changed how Ross viewed him forever saying that he only cares about numbers and not rap beef, one can only help but wonder if Birdman…

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