LaMelo Ball In The Family

LaMelo Ball – 5 Things You Did Not Know


How old is Lamelo Ball?

LaMelo Ball is a 16 year old point gaurd for  Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas of the Lithuanian Basketball League.


Lamelo Ball Height


Its not easy to see in this picture but Lamelo is 6’3 and about 180lbs and pure muscle. People underestimate his game but do not realize he is currently playing against all adults in Europe with the average age of his opponents being 25 yrs of age.


Lamelo Ball or Zion Williamson?

People are always asking who would win in a battle between LaMelo Ball v. Zion Williamson? I think its a bad question to ask as the two play two completely different positions. LaMelo is a point guard and Zion is a Forward, in terms of athleticism they both are freakish in their abilities and have very bright futures ahead of them. Its interesting to note they both live in a time where social media exists and allows for maximum exposure to the point of stardom at such a young age.

Lemelo Ball v Zion


The Lamelo Ball Shoes

Ok– so enough about the roster moves and lets get into what you really came for the highly anticipated Big Baller Brand shoes created by LaMelo Ball.

Lamelo Shoes

Pictured above are the shoes LaMelo Ball wears when he’s hoopin and for a whopping 395.00 you could look just like him! If you don’t believe they cost this much go see for yourself —> LaMelo Shoes

Now we completely understand if you are unable to purchase a pair because currently neither are we but do hope one day to make a purchase from Big Baller Brand.


LaMelo Ball – Ball In The Family

LaMelo has a show broadcasted on Facebook along with his brothers LiAngelo & Lonzo and Dad Lavar Ball. The show is really fun to watch but also telling as you see the Ball brothers LiAngelo and LaMelo in S2 E10 not know Philadelphia was a city of Pennsylvania and not an actual state.

LaMelo Ball In The Family

Im not going to spend my time ragging on the fact this kid doesn’t know national geography because most Americans are horrible at geography… I like the way he just laughs it off, ha!

Lamelo Ball Instagram to 3.6M!

LaMelo is one of the first high school athletes with a Instagram account that is verified with 3M+ followers.

LaMelo Instagram

the kid has juice!