Peter Rosenberg Blasts Charlamagne the God for meeting with Tami Lahren

Lahren came under fire in the months leading up to the 2016 Presidential election for criticizing Black Lives Matter and her general support of Donald Trump. Charlamagne has been on the opposite side of the spectrum, leading to speculation that he should have nothing to do with Lahren. However, the pair confirmed they had dinner together and Charlamagne jokingly said, “Black lives matter” and “Black penises matter” as he held up a fist while on camera with Lahren. Charlamagne said his meeting with Lahren was in pursuit of a larger goal.

Charlamagne thought the two should get to know each other for opposing side sake. Charlamagne says he would not get to know about her world and she would not get to know about his if the two didnt talk.

After the jokes subsided, Charlamagne said he’d refuse to have a sit down with president-elect Trump if he were invited, and Lahren said she’d appear on The Breakfast Club next time she was in New York

Tami Lahren was recently on the Daily Show speaking with Trevor Noah and he comle

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